self publishing and branding

I attended a panel series last night at the Commonwealth Club on self-publishing.  Though this was geared to the book world, I felt it appropriate for cards and other types of publishing.  I left pumped about all the resources and opportunities that appear to be out there in the world (and mostly on the web).  The key, as  one panelist noted, is one has to wear many hats.  Not only do you have to write the content, you have to be part of each step: editing, design of cover, marketing, sales etc….  The rewards, however, seem to be there because of POD, or Print on Demand technology.  Because of POD, one can literally print just what they need and not have to worry about large runs.  Same goes for me and this card venture of mine.  It’s a different world than 1994 when I printed my first 8 designs offset.  I ended up with thousands of cards (many of which got taken to Salvation Army 2 years ago as I cleared out my basement in preparation for the move to SF) and had to concern myself with inventory worries and storage.  With digital printing, I will be able to eliminate my storage concerns of late and concentrate on getting more images complete and in my line from the get go!!  (I’m now thinking I might make a big splash with 48 images!).

Also key is the “branding” aspect.  I seem to hear over and over about “facebook and twitter”.  The two words seem to go hand in hand, though not in my world yet.  I’ve got the facebook thing working but have yet to get a “fan page” on facebook.  Twitter is just too over the top for me.  I do wonder about who will read this let alone who would be interested in 240 character musings of my day to day world?!?

Needless to say, the woman spoke with authority on the fact that it takes TWO YEARS for recognition for a brand.  The more you are out there, the better off you’ll be, she seemed to say.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll try more coverage.  I do need to add a photo to this blog (that is critical she related…people want to know what you look like!?) as well as stay consistent with posting.  Plus get around on other’s blogs and recommend and/or comment.

All this makes me hungary and it’s time to go meet a friend for Sushi as I consider my next steps!!

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