SF Show wrap up….

It’s the weekend in between the Gift Shows.  SF ended last Tuesday and I leave for LA this Thursday.  Their show runs Friday – Monday.  Hoping that my results from LA will eclipse that of SF even!   I couldn’t have been more pleased with the orders received, comments heard and the overall optimism felt at the SF show.  Best part of all for me was Monday when the SF Symphony walked into my booth.  The Buyer for their bookstore asked if my cards came in sleeves. She explained that they sell A LOT of cards at their Gift Shop but said they only sell cards that are in plastic sleeves because it protects the cards.  I told her I didn’t but I had done research into sleeves because of requests from some Nurseries that carry cards.  I told her I’d use sleeves for her order if she was interested (the salesperson in me recognizing the importance of sleeves and wanting to minimize any objections to ordering cards).  With that, she and the manager sat down to review my “deck” of cards.  I couldn’t believe the large pile they had set aside as the ones they were interested in…35 different designs.  And then she told me they wanted 2 dozen of each!  I nearly fell over but tried to maintain my cool!  WooHoo!!!

After this show, I clearly had the feeling that I was moving into my next stage of life (Artist/Entrepreneur).  I am ever so grateful for the validation of my work in the form of orders and remarks.  I’m feeling more confident as well and I’m sure that is reflected in the increased sales that I experienced.

It is now Monday, MLK day.  I’ve been busy fulfilling orders.  I can see that I’ve got my work cut out for me when it comes to the “details”.  I’m grateful for the orders and the opportunity to do this kind of work.  I’ll have an appreciation for the help I get when I finally will be able to have someone help me!


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