so busy

OMG,  I’ve been soooo busy since I returned from Denver and now I’m in Atlanta!!  Flew in yesterday.  The largest Gift Show in the World, Atlanta, begins tomorrow.  Just returned to my hotel after setting up my booth.  Happy to say that I got a larger booth space than I expected, that extra space makes Words and Watercolors appear like it’s a BIG company!!  (which of course is my vision for it).  I’ll post pics soon.  Emily, my daughter, is flying today from Seattle to join me in this endeavor.  We’ve been talking on the phone a few times a day this past week as we keep thinking of things about this trip.  The other day I was laughing with her and she said be prepared to laugh a lot next week.  I am ever so grateful that she is going to be with me on this inauguration Atlanta Gift Show trip.  We have been told that we are like two peas in a pod, when we are together….it’s easy to see the family resemblance not to mention our sense of humor and way of looking at the world.

Besides getting all my orders written at the Denver show shipped out, I did some cold calling/mailing packages to prospective buyers as well as finalized what I want to do for my drawing/painting workshop I’m going to do at Flora Grubb Gardens next Saturday the 23rd of July.  I dropped off a framed original there plus a few giclee prints they can use to promote my work.

Also took the time to do lots of bike riding with Mark over the past 2 weekends.  We’ve been biking fools as I posted on my facebook page!  Headed over to Sausalito one day over the 4th weekend, rode in town a few days and took the bikes to East Bay last weekend.  I’m getting to feel more comfortable on a bike.  It was never my primary source of exercise but it is becoming one since my right knee is not happy with running (or in my case slogging) these days.  Thankfully I can do brisk walks and even better is our hotel is only 2 blocks away from Piedmont Park.  A beautiful park here in Midtown Atlanta that also has a Botanical Garden (which is open till 9 on weekend nights!).  I hope to get over there and try out a watercolor some evening!!

I hope you take some time from the “busyness” of your days to find the peace and quiet (and often insight) that comes when spending time walking in a park or biking along the path…exercise for me is a form of meditation.  I use it as time to sing and pray and thank the Good Lord (as my Mom refers to HIM) for all the Good in my Life!!  Today I’m filled with gratitude for this new Artist/Entrepreneur part of me that is feeling more and more comfortable with each trade show I do and order I fill!!!  Wish me luck for a very successful Atlanta show!!

Here’s some pics from our bike riding weekends!

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