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I am soooooo bummed…I just had created this wonderful post and poof…it is gone.  I’m typing at a coffee shop and the internet access went out on me before I copied it.  OOOOOOHHHH I should have done this on word.  Let’s see if I can recreate what I wrote.

I was writing about Social Media and the importance of it after taking a class at the Renaissance Center in SF the past 2 Wednesday evenings.  The instructor noted a few websites and detailed how their “social media plan” contributed to their success.  Though I have to admit that social media can play a significant role in the success of a company, and god knows I could use a lot more visitors to my site, I have to be honest and state that currently I’m not “feeling” the social media thing.  It seems a bit presumptuous to constantly be noting how things are going at Words and Watercolors.  I do know it’s not about that exactly but not sure how I can create the “social media plan” that the instructor spoke of and then execute it along with everything else I’m trying to do as I get this company off the ground.  I have no idea how I’m going to add “social media” to the growing tower of hats on my head.  I figure I must look like a Dr. Seuss character with all the hats stacking up.  The many hats represent the many roles I play…artist, warehouse and shipping queen, sales and marketing expert (well at least I try being the queen and an expert!), accounting and finance person etc…I continue to add roles but not sure if I can make the leap to social media maverick at this time.  It will take some time to implement that social media component but I’m going to make an attempt to make it happen.

In addition to the social media classes, I met with Charles Spencer, who is helping me craft my business plan.  I’m hoping that with the business plan in hand, I might be able to go after some kinds of financing.  I live here in the midst of high tech land.  Silicon Valley to the South of us and many start ups right here in the city (Twitter being a notable one).  The business section of the paper reports often on various companies and how they are attracting Venture Capital and/or Angel Investor monies.  My company is not high tech, however, it is low tech so I imagine I’m going to need to be very creative in obtaining the funding needed to allow this vision to continue to come to fruition.

Currently my vision for Words and Watercolors is one of expansion.  It now includes World Headquarters (my kitchen table as Sarah refers to it) actually moving into an office/warehouse and Sarah and I continually adding not only new cards but new products to the line.  I sent Charles the link to a few companies that I would like to use as a benchmark: Caspari, Compendium (, and Chronicle Books.  All have a strong sense of design with products that are practical and functional.  At least I’m able to chart a course and hold the vision…now to just bring it into fruition (as one of my cards states).







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