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Last Saturday I was spending the night in Roseberg, OR.  My last night out on the road.  I couldn’t wait to return home to my husband, cats and routine.  I had a wonderful trip to the NW but I was gone for 10 days, which was a few days too long!  Highlights of the trip included meeting all the reps at Stack & Co in the Seattle showroom, visiting with friends and family in Seattle, experiencing a beautiful Seattle summer, walking in the mornings with my daughter, hanging out with Eve & Paul in Portland, being at the Far West Nursery Trade Show and selling lots of paper, getting lots of compliments on my work and relishing the blue/green beauty of the Pacific NW!

Good things to note: I received an email a few weeks ago that informed me that Words and Watercolors is now an approved vendor for Wild Birds Unlimited.  What that means is I’ve got to contact stores and make them aware of my product!  I got a reorder for the test market at the American Greetings store in downtown San Francisco.  And Lauren, my trusted and true friend, helped me update this website.  She’s a whiz with WordPress!  I love the new home page, less words and more colorful pics of my work plus the links so one can go to the websites for my coasters and quilting fabric.  Thanks Lauren!!

Today I’ve started working in earnest on my book.  I’ve written a considerable amount but realize I’m going to have to make a big push in September in order to have it complete by October 1st.  The book is going to be titled, “Imagine the Life You Want to Live, then Live it!  (It’s that Simple)”.  Those words came to me when I was writing words for a calendar page I was creating about 4 years ago.  At the time I thought “Oh yeah, right”….but lo and behold, I am living the creative life I’ve always dreamed of….secondary title “52 inspired ideas to open up your imagination, tap into your creativity and unlock your inner genius.  Those 52 chapters have been quite the challenge but I’m about 3/4 way done, I’d say.  So all should flow from here on out!

It’s Labor Day weekend and I’ll be laboring!

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