Sitting in my office, working on my scans this morning when my daughter called.  She asked what I was doing and I explained in detail how the colors seemed to be off on the scans and I had to call The Blow UP Lab who did them when suddenly Mark asked me a question?  I looked at my phone but Em’s picture was still on the phone, “wait a minute, where are you?” I ask of Mark.  I’m confused because how did Mark’s call break through Em’s call without me seeing or hearing anything on my phone?!?  Finally Mark says “come downstairs”…I open the door to see Emily getting out of Mark’s car…a late Mother’s Day gift!!  WooHOO!!!  Em surprised me BIG TIME!  She thought it all up on her own and worked it out with Mark.  To say I was thrilled beyond belief is an understatement.  I miss my beautiful baby girl so much and feel so blessed to have her in my life.  Though I talked to her twice yesterday, to be able to hug her in person this morning was the best.  “Priceless”, as she stated!

Speaking of surprises, I surprised myself by deciding to not go through with being an exhibitor at the Denver New Age Trade Show.  Though I already paid for a booth way back in December, something in my gut kept telling me that to go would be a drain for me.  I decided to go to Atlanta Gift Show in July and jumped on Expedia awhile ago to make the flight/hotel reservations for both Emily and I but something kept holding me back on making arrangements for Denver flight/hotel/car.  I finally decided I couldn’t pull the trigger on booking it because it wasn’t going to be the best place for me.  Market Research is beginning to show me that my cards will do well in garden/nurseries as well as unique Gift Stores but New Age bookstores, not so much.  Last week I followed up with 4 different bookstores on orders I had sent.  Each time I heard the same refrain of “your cards are slow sellers”.  Though not what I wanted to hear, it only confirmed that I probably wouldn’t get too many orders in Denver.  From that standpoint, I googled Nursery Trade Shows and found one that is going to be in Portland, Oregon the end of August.  I love Portland, I can drive there.  I can have Emily come down on the train to help me.  That’s where I need to put my energy, I think, rather than Denver so I called and asked to be refunded for my booth.  Unfortunately I’m not going to get a full, or even 1/2 refund but I will get something plus the learning experience that I’ve got to be very select in my marketing dollars.  So surprises abound, some good some not so good……

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