Technology Challenged

OMG, I posted an entry on Saturday, December 7th with the same title.  It got lost in the transfer of hosting sites.  The entry was all about my frustration with technology.  I do not “get” technology.  I do not feel comfortable with having to learn new things that have to do with technology.  And I’m extremely challenged when I’m forced to learn about things I’d rather not.  Which was the case last week in switching from one host site to another.  Earlier this year I hired a graphic designer to update the site to a wordpress platform.  The outside look didn’t change much but behind the scenes did.  Switching to wordpress would allow a better user interface, I was told, with the shopping cart.  Also we were able to add info for retailers.  Andrew suggested then that I switch to a different host but I didn’t because it sounded like a hassle (it was).  He assured me the site would run faster with a different host.  After a number of problems that people (friends and family) reported to me about trying to order online, I decided to heed Andrew’s advice.  God knows how many other people I may have lost because I did NOT update the host sooner.  I hope they visit the site again and have a different experience!

Today I spent a good deal of time at the Apple store.  My email was hosted through the old site and when it switched over yesterday, I lost the ability to get email.  I knew this would be an issue but I didn’t realize it would happen immediately.  I thought I would have the chance to tell them I was ready to switch the email.  Nope.  Instead Sarah, my graphic designer, sent me an email last night to another address I use telling me the email she sent to peg@wordsandwatercolors was returned.  I sent a test from my comcast site to my wordsandwatercolors site.  Returned.  This morning I decided to go to Apple as I can NOT learn from a tutorial on a computer.  The new hosting site didn’t know how to help me either.  I won’t got into all the frustrating details but suffice it to say that I was brought to tears, not hard for me to do, with the challenges of trying to get the new hosting site added to my Mail program on my apple laptop.  All’s good.  It’s finally fixed and working (knock on wood).  Let’s hope this hosting company lives up to the promises of faster webpage loading and no time outs on the check out page for ordering!!

Thankfully, I’m headed to a Holiday event this evening at Orchard Nursery/Lazy K.  One of my favorite retailers!!  I’ll have a toast to technology complete (as opposed to technology challenged!).

Hope you are enJOYing Holiday Festivities as well!!

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