Technology challenged

Saturday morning and, finally, feeling better about things now that we are back “wired” to the world.  Our internet has been working sporadically as has my printer.  Mark called comcast yesterday morning.  He was told that the comcast connection was good.  The guy asked how old the router was…Mark looks to me and asks me.  I’m trying to remember if I got this router when I worked for Tandus (in which case it would be nearly 8 years old) or Constantine (it would be 5 years old).  Either way it’s lasted a lifetime based on what the comcast guy said a normal lifetime for router is (3-5 years).  We decided it was time to get a new one.

I was so pea picken proud of myself yesterday after visiting Office Max  and picking up a router.  I thought I’d come home and walllaaa be up and running in no time.  Not the case.  Went back to Office Max after not being able to use the CD provided for quick set up and was told by the very unfriendly person working at Office Max that the Linksys doesn’t connect with the new Apple OS, Lion, that I had upgraded to (foolishly) in January.  He said there was a glitch with ALL the routers and the new Lion OS system.  Telling me the only way it would work is if I would manually install it.  Came home and tried that failing miserably.  Made a Genius Bar appt at Apple Stonestown for this afternoon.  Was basically told there shouldn’t be a problem.  The guy asked if I had the router and I said no.  Why did I not take it??  I did have the disc in my laptop but was so flustered I couldn’t think to tell him that till after I was back in my car.

I got myself worked into a state feeling so helpless and technology challenged.  Now I can’t recall if it was the Office Max unfriendly dude or the guy at Apple but one of them mentioned in passing that if we had another computer that was windows based we should try the disc in that computer.  With that the quick set up should work.  Thankfully Mark’s laptop is IBM.  I had to wait, still, for him to come home and continued to spin in my frustration.  I had figured out how to direct connect to the router so was able to do email but I couldn’t print.

This morning we tried his laptop with the disc and the “wallllaaaaa” worked.  I got my printer folder out, found the original set up disc, installed again and now I’m back up and running with the printer.  Both computers and iPad now accessing internet and life is good.  And it’s not yet noon.  I’m going to try to get outside for a walk or hike and enJOY this good weather.

Thank you God for Bill Gates and windows which allowed the set up!  (my sister Beth, an avid Apple fan, has always loved to hate on Bill Gates!)


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