the Blauhaus!

Monday morning and I’m trying to get organized for the week.  Rather ADD like, I move from one thing to the other without completing the task at hand.  I began typing this and thought “Oh, the white load must be done, I don’t hear the washer.”  So up I got and proceeded to move the white load into the dryer and start the load of colored clothes.  To stay on task can be problematic for me.  I need to trick myself sometimes by telling myself I’ll do this for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour.  Putting a time limit on a task helps me stay focused.  So my task at hand (now that I’ve changed laundry!) is to finish this blog recounting “the Blauhaus”.

I participated in a F-U-N event on Saturday.  Sarah (my neighbor, graphic designer, community builder and extraordinary person all in one, not to mention friend)  had the great idea to turn her Mom’s house, across the street, into “The Blauhuas”, a take on the Bauhaus of the 30’s in Germany that spawned creative designers, architects and products (her Mom’s house is Blue…which is spelled Blau in German).  

She put out a call to a number of creative types that all have a product or products to sell.  I was one of about 20 craftsfolk that sold everything from jewelry, to wine, to garments to glasswork to garden pots.  It was quite fun.  Lots of bartering went on between us as well as some sales.  I had a little corner of a room and taped up my cards that I used to hang in the gift shows.  As I wrote in my journal, after set up, I felt so comforted sitting amidst the colored ribbons with all my cards hanging on them.  I’ll attach some close ups of the cards and the little niche that I also used to showcase my calendar, tote bags and prints.  I was thrilled when a couple from France purchased 2 of my birthday cards.  They told me they lived here now but liked to send to their family  (back home in France) cards that reflect SF.  They choose one with Sand Dollars and the Birds of Paradise.  WooHoo, I thought after they left, those cards will be sent off to France…and with that my mantra written on the back which circles the world I painted “words and watercolors…around the world…enriching and inspiring” will be actualized!  My cards will go round the world to France!

Friday was a great day.  Though I was disappointed with my lack of sales from the SF gift show, the best part about it was meeting Laurie Brock, the rep for Pictura Cards.  Their booth was across from ours.  She called me Friday morning and told me she had been in to see a customer, had told her about my lovely watercolors and the customer was interested in seeing them.  Since I was already planning to drive up to the North Bay to pick up a card rack (that Laurie had told me about!) I decided I’d continue the 30 miles north or so to take me to Santa Rosa to meet with Carol at “Best Wishes”.  Not only did I get an order from Carol, I also got to take Laurie to lunch and pick her brain on reps and how to work with them etc…it was very beneficial.  She then pointed me in the direction of Sebastopol to check in with another store.  From there she had me check in with a store in Mill Valley.  Meeting Laurie alone made the SF Gift show worthwhile!

To top it off, I got to be in sunshine, blue sky and 70 degree temps on Friday since SF is having a chilly, foggy, cool and grey summer.  I miss SUMMER and heat and sun!!  Mark wanted to go to the Sonoma County Fair so we drove up north again yesterday.  A bonus!  Another day in the sun…I even got sunburned as I wore a short sleeve shirt, unheard of in SF these days!!

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