The cards are real…and look GREAT!

As Emily said when she first looked at one of the cards, opened it up to reveal the cute little postage size image also on the inside and then turning it over to view the back complete with the UPC code (that she demanded) “Mom, they look so REAL!”  Even I continue to be surprised at how “real” they look as I handle them.  Certainly looks like a much larger company, than just me,  would have created these lovely images and thoughtful words!  I’ve got to hand it to Sarah who has been able to grasp my vision and help me get it into form.  Not only with the cards but assisting me with the Denver Trade Show ideas as well and now the catalog design, which we worked on roughing out yesterday morning.  We both got so excited as we realized all the footage we had on Sarah’s laptop from the “Working Artist/Artist Working” show that I participated in last fall at ART94124 as part of the SF Arts Commission Art in Empty Storefronts project.  The project consisted of Sarah and Chris (her husband) filming 7 different Artists who live/work in the Bayview (our neighborhood).  Each artist was edited down to 15 minutes with a DVD created which played on a TV.  The 7 TV’s were set up in an empty storefront showcasing 7 different mediums of art creation.  I was filmed while doing a painting at Flora Grubb (an Oasis in the Hood, as I call it) a lovely nursery and plant store.  From that we have lots of footage that we can pull in for not only the catalog but the website as well.  Sarah is an artistic genius/graphic designer extraordinaire.  Who knew when this decision to move to San Francisco was being made 2 years ago that my entire world would be shook up and reconfigured in a totally different way??  Much of the shaking up (leaving the familiar and my entire world as I knew it) was very difficult, but I’ve got to say, now, that it was all worth it.

After we picked up the cards at the printer on Tuesday, Emily and I were driving and the “dreamweaver” song came on the radio.  “Dream until your dreams come trueueueue….” was belting out accompanied by both of us singing….I stopped and reflected on the fact that I’ve been dreaming this dream for YEARS!  It was 1994 when my first “words and watercolors” was launched in Seattle with 8 cards (working up to 32).  Now I’ve got 48 right out of the chute with plans to dominate the industry!

Good news when talking to Christine Witt, President of Brush Dance, the other morning.  When I told her I was “launching” at the Denver Int’l New Age Trade Show, she replied “you’ll do well”.  She told me that Brush Dance often did better at that show than at the New York Stationery Show each year.  They were a big fish in a small pond at the Denver show where they got lost in the sea of booths and cards at the New York Show.  I’m thrilled to know that I’ll have the credibility of being a Brush Dance artist with me at Denver as I launch my own line (that will grow exponentially as well).

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