Thursday evening already

How fast the week passes.  I don’t have nearly enough crossed off on my “to do” list.  I write out, on paper, each Monday my “to do” list.  Often times I think of Ron Henriksen, who I worked for many years ago when I was a young Interior Designer.  Each Monday Ron would take his yellow legal pad and write out in longhand what he intended to achieve that week.  It was a habit that I would embrace and repeat as well most Monday mornings, though I use a smaller spiral notebook that is easy to carry around and refer to.  I am ever so grateful for Ron’s teaching me such a “success tool” all those years ago.  Needless to say, not much crossed off this week but I hope to get a few things crossed off tomorrow.

I did make it to the Blow UP Lab to drop off a number of watercolors for scanning on Monday.  Picked them up today and downloaded them already so hope to spend a great deal of tomorrow creating more cards on photoshop/indesign.  Just as I did yesterday.  By next week, when Sarah returns from vacation, we can hopefully finish the  design of the back of the cards and get ready for print production!

I also plan on attending the New Living Expo (used to be called Whole Life Expo) in the afternoon.  Tiffany, who is my go to for details gal, sent me an email the other day letting me know about this event.  She thought, rightly so, that it might be a place to exhibit my cards next year.  I’ll get a feel for things tomorrow and check it out.

Signing off to work on my “monthly wisdom” piece for my website at  Saturday is May 1st already.  YeeHaw!!  This year is going fast!

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