time flies when you are having fun!

I can’t believe I was in Indiana for 2 weeks and only posted 1 blog.  I had the best of intentions to post many more but either I didn’t have my laptop with me or no access to wifi or pics weren’t yet downloaded or I had to be somewhere…etc…

Ever so grateful for all the folks I got to see , places I went and things I did.  Too much to wrap up with words, maybe I’ll just post a bunch of pictures for a visual explanation of all I did and who I saw.

On the “Words and Watercolors” front, I’ve got a few orders to fill for stores (Two Tulips in Lafayette; The Playful Soul in Indy)

.  Received many positive comments and after 2 surprise “birthday readings” am more convinced than ever that I’m finally doing my life calling and somehow all the concerns I have will work themselves out.  I’m beginning to truly TRUST and KNOW that this venture of mine will grow to the vision I hold for it (BIG!).

Being in Indiana has a way of grounding me.  I feel “rooted” somehow in the knowledge that I WILL succeed with my dream of  “words and watercolors…around the world…enriching and inspiring…”   I think there is an old adage that you need roots in order to fly…that being the case, I’m securely rooted in Indiana soil.  Nothing like driving (or running as I also did) down the country roads of my youth, witnessing the beauty in the flat land/farm land with the full moon hanging in the sky.  I can almost reach out and touch the confidence I felt as I breathed in the knowledge that I am once again being fed a good dose of Midwest optimism.  Or is it Dad I hear whispering to me from his position in heaven encouraging me, as he always did, to follow my dream.  I was able to spend quite a bit of time with my Mom recognizing that old age will come and yet I can age gracefully (she’s a great role model at 92).  She too always encouraged me to try new things, move across the country, explore life…years later and she’s still cheering me on!

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