time flies……..

The old saying is true, “Time flies when you’re having fun”….or in my case being busy (and having fun!).  Difficult to believe that is has been nearly 3 weeks since last posting an entry to the blog.  What have I been doing??  Orders and more orders…which takes time to input into Quick Books, pull the order, box it up, go into FedEx online and input info for label, print out and affix label and then drop off at FedEx.  In addition to that, we completed the proofs and printing for first go around of cards (2nd go around starts in 2 weeks).  Also Emily, my daughter in Seattle, flew in for a visit on Saturday Feb, 4th.  Always a welcome break from the routine to have Miss Em come to town.  We had fun visiting the wine country on Sunday (so fun to have a daughter 21 years old!) and she helped me a bit with work on Monday.  Tuesday afternoon I took her to the airport and then rushed home to finish everything that needed to be done before heading to the airport ourselves for an early (6am) flight to New Orleans on Thursday.  Mark had won a sales promotion trip with Sysco and we were off with a number of other Sysco folks.  Neither of us had ever been to the Crescent City and we weren’t disappointed.  The food was fabulous.  We were inspired by the music, art, frivolity, and fun in the air.  Not to mention the architecture of the French Quarter, City Park (which housed the New Orleans Art Museum/Sculpture Park and Botanical Garden) and even one of the above ground cemeteries we strolled through.  Only wished temps had been warmer.  We arrived along with a cold spell.  It was a quick trip as we were back on a plane Sunday afternoon returning to SFO.

I am thrilled to say that I’m still busy.  Today/tomorrow plan to be counting all my current cards in my inventory as I pack up and prepare for delivering all of my inventory to John at Leewood Press.  Not only is John my new offset printer, he also suggested that they could do fulfillment for me!  That was an answer to my prayers as I’ve been spending so much time doing the packing, labeling, drop off etc….this will free me up to devote more time to marketing/painting/running the business….Friday will find me unpacking my booth at Moscone Center as I prepare for the SF Gift Show (my 4th!).  Yesterday I spent a great deal of time on the phone calling accounts that ordered from me at the show letting them know I’ll be in Booth #1059.  I’m hoping for a busy 4 days of the show!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a few pics from my busy last few weeks!!

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