Together…We’re Giant!

I had no idea when I started using some baseball analogy in this blog that our San Francisco Giants would go all the way this season…not only clinching the West early but then winning the National League Pennant and then easily sweeping the Detroit Tigers for the 2nd World Series Championship in 3 years.  It has been inspiring to follow this team!  Today was the big parade through downtown ending in the Civic Center plaza with speeches from Team Management, Announcers, Players and Tony Bennet himself closing out the festivities with the song played after every home game “I left my heart in San Francisco!”…I was inspired as I listened on the radio.

I thought to myself again…so many lessons appropriate to life played out by this team and their journey to being the absolute best in baseball!  As I drove to the Post Office this afternoon, I pulled over to jot down Bruce Bochy’s (the manager) words as he spoke: “There’s no heights you can’t rise to when you let service trump self-interest”.  He followed that up with “Never say Die” and “They never gave up”.  And they didn’t…from being 1 game out of elimination twice (both to the Reds then the Cardinals) they played to win and win they did…6 games in a row which got them into the World Series.  From there it looked easy…sweeping the Detroit Tigers in 4 games.  Bruce Bochy could have been talking about any endeavor as could Buster Posey whose words on the podium today were “if you think something is achievable, as long as you believe it and work hard you can get it done.”  I know one thing for sure…I’m going to lean on their words when I’m questioning myself and feel like I should give up (believe me, I’ve had many of those days when I wonder what the hell I’m doing) but then I can rally myself when I think about all I’ve accomplished with the help of Sarah, John, my reps, my husband who supports me and the friends, family and stores who believe in me, not to mention the people who buy my cards!

So given all that…I’m going to take the “I CAN DO ATTITUDE” with me each day as I go about building a card line, a brand and a company knowing that it will take sacrifice and hard work…but ultimately, we’ll be GIANT!

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