up and running

I thought tonight that maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m back running!  I just began running (slow jogging or slogging as I call it) about 2 weeks ago.  Last fall I began having problems with my right knee and lower back.  Mark convinced me to see his chiropractor.  My Dad used to see a chiropractor periodically so I thought I’d try it.  I felt better but still couldn’t run.  Yoga, walking briskly and bike riding became my exercise choices.  I missed the head clearing that running provides but after awhile didn’t miss it too much…till I was out tonight getting into that repetitive zone with my breathing and rhythm of feet striking the pavement.  Though I was moving too fast to stop and take photos of all the snail shells on the sidewalk near India Basin and Heron’s Head (check out a facebook posting about a month ago), I still marveled at their design and questioned if they were out in abundance due to the rain we’ve had the past 2 days (felt like I was back in Seattle).  I was sooooo thrilled to be back running.

I’m back to running and I’ve taken off “running” with my business.  In my Shaman view of the world, all is perfect!  Met with Sarah this morning and she now has my work on her computer (8gig memory sticks…who knew?!) to do the print ready pdf.  I emailed the printer this afternoon with more questions.  Left a message for a rep.  Talked to a new business banker at Wells Fargo who I’m meeting on Thursday (thanks to a connection at last weeks small business conference) and tomorrow going to work on updating the business cards I printed last June and hope to sketch out a rough idea for a catalog.

Thankful for Sarah and not only her graphic expertise but her common sense approach to life (maybe you should print less cards) and her design sensibilities (how about boxes draped in fabric for the Denver trade show?).  As one of my cards say:  “It’s ALL good!”

I hope to keep up my running (much more efficient to get a good work out in with less time) and the running of this new venture!

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