vibrating energy

A bit of a woo woo post…I’ve been thinking about energy and how we all vibrate at various rates.  Over the years I’ve read countless books on energy, metaphysics, dreams, angels, positive thinking, past lives, intuition, etc….you name it and I’ve most likely read about it.  That in and of itself explains some of the thoughts in my cards.  Lately I’ve come to not only reading books but also listening to tele seminars.  Yesterday I was listening to a teleseminar about quantum jumping (I know, interesting phrase!).  Here’s the link:  Rather than try to give a brief description, I’d say click on the link and listen!  Thought provoking ideas…and they did get my juices running.

So all these concepts and ideas I’ve read about over the years seemed to coalesce this morning in mediation for me.  I realized that we ARE all walking around vibrating at various levels.  And if I want to make the quantum leap in my business, I need to make a quantum leap in my own energy field.  And that IS possible!

One of my stated goals this year is to have reps across the country and in Canada by July of 2012.  I didn’t know how this would happen but trusted that, like finding John/Leewood Press who was the answer to my prayers regarding 1. offset printing 2. fulfillment and 3. benevolent benefactor (he is really becoming a partner in working with me on terms and costs for products), I’d find the reps.  Last week I got the idea that since I was traveling to LA for a wedding next week, I should pop into the LA Mart and see about finding a rep group that would be interested in taking on my line.  I googled LA reps and clicked on a website that caught my eye regarding the difficulty in finding the right reps for your business.  I read with interest as the article so clearly identified the issues I was experiencing in trying to find qualified reps for my product.  I filled out the initial questionnaire, hit “send” and shortly thereafter received a phone call from Roger Wilson of MRP.  I’ve since talked to him twice and received a very informative packet that outlines his services and costs.

Here’s where the vibrating energy thing comes into play.  Granted I’m working on a quantum leap in my business but yet I freeze when I see the cost structure he outlines.  I realize that I personally am going to have to make a quantum leap if I want to bring in the abundance in my business…which is one and the same with me.  I’ve worked for years on my “prosperity consciousness” and though in the past I was more than happy with where I was, the past few years I’ve been struggling with all the changes made in my life which resulted in my “prosperity” being turned on its head as I gave up the Corporate Sales Queen role for that of Artist/Entrepreneur.  I can say that I “believe” that I’ll “figure this out” and make more money than I once did but the figuring it out part is taking waaaaay longer than I thought and that pesky thought called “doubt” wants to sit on my shoulders singing it’s naysayer song.

In meditation this morning, it came to me…of course Mark and I had such a difficult first year of marriage…we were both adjusting our vibrations to accept the other!!  I was vibrating differently and my kids/ex didn’t like it.  I had to vibrate differently in order to leave all I knew in Seattle and relocate to San Francisco.  Again I went through a very difficult period of adjustment as I was not sure what to do with my life after I got here.  I knew I always wanted to have a greeting card company and live a “creative life” but I had no idea how to do that…little by little I began to take the baby steps necessary to lead me to where I am today.  I could probably write a book about all I went through to go from there to here but that’s for a later time.

In the meantime, I’m going to be consciously working on expanding the field of energy that I vibrate in and look forward to finding the right rep groups that will get out there and sell my product!  I’ll keep you posted on the success which will ensue!!

I’ll leave you with this tidbit gleaned from last night’s listening “creation happens in your active imagination”.  So start daydreaming…and have FUN with it!

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