what a difference a year makes!

Holy Moly….last year at this time I “launched” my Words and Watercolors greeting card line at INATS (International New Age Trade Show) in Denver.  I was so excited which also translated into so nervous.  Thankfully Emily, my daughter, was with me and she provided the calm that I needed then.  This year I did the show on my own.  I’ve become a bit of a veteran of trade/gift shows and knew that I would need Emily with me in Atlanta in 2 weeks for the Atlanta Gift Show rather than in Denver.  Her calming presence will once again be invaluable there as that is the largest gift show in the country and I know I’ll be in overwhelm (though I’ll try to remain calm and self assured).

This year I actually wrote quite a few orders!  I received many compliments and felt confident that this venture of mine is not only going to make it but I will be able to create the HUGE vision I hold for myself and my company.  As I stated in my facebook post Monday morning…my friend Mary would refer to the New Age Trade show as “Woo Woo Heaven”, which it is…Booths sell everything from Books to Music CD’s to tarot cards, essences of all kinds, clothing made in India, Egypt, etc…there’s crystal bowls and smudge sticks, jewelry, pyramids, incredible healing rocks and psychic readings available as well as any number of unique one of a kind items that have to do with “healing”.   I took the approach of my friend Hillary (who I met last year at this show…our booths were next to each other as they were again this year) which was to have fun.  I participated in the events and had a grand time.  The Saturday morning breakfast was very inspirational with Michael Bernard Beckwith as the Keynote Speaker.  Talk about Inspiration!  He IS amazing!!  I was moved to tears.  Later that day, I meandered the aisle’s and came across a guy who reads your aura with biofeedback from your hand resting on a some sort of machine that feeds the info to his computer (I’ll attach pic of his screen that shows the before and after of how my aura was affected by the healing oil essences he has created).  His suggestions to me were right on.  After walking back to my booth, I quickly scribbled in my journal the advice he gave and promised myself I’d release struggle as a way of life (as he suggested!).

Not only did I have fun with at the show, I was able to get together with old friends for the 2ndyear in a row.  I had shipped my boxes early to my friends Eric and Judy (funny they still live in the same house that they did 30 years ago when I shipped boxes to them prior to my move “out west”…but that’s another story).  I picked up the boxes and had a great lunch with Judy then went to set up my booth at the convention center.  Dinner Friday night was with “Murdy”, a friend from High School, and her husband Pete.  Eric’s birthday was Saturday and I got to celebrate it along with Judy, their son Evan and another old “Pak” member Mike Hargesheimer.  What a treat to reconnect with old friends.

Best of all, my “Inspirational card line” was chosen, along with other new companies, to be showcased as one of the Best New Product introductions this year at INATS by the “New Age Retailer” magazine.  This is an endorsement that could open new doors.  YeeHaw!!  Thank-you Jean Haller (the reviewer)!

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