what a week

It’s Friday, February 1 and I’m seated at Gate D51 at the Vegas airport waiting for my flight home to San Francisco.  It’s been a long week.  I really wish they would consolidate these 5 day shows into 3!  That might help the traffic be more consistent.  As it is, there seems to be traffic in the aisles and then lull periods where you wonder where the buyers have all gone.  That happens a few times during the long, daily 9-6 hours.  I, along with many others, wonder how things will continue to change in the gift show industry.  Clearly the gift show attendance is dying overall and we know that the internet changes everything but still there is something to be said for the one on one connections that happen when the buyers meet the vendors over the aisles of a trade show.

I did make some incredible connections as well as write average of 3-5 orders daily.  I also have quite a number of stores to follow up with who I feel will write orders after I contact them.  My confidence grew as I received so many compliments on my work.  Not to mention suggestions for other products based on my art.  Look out world, the Peg Conley brand is not only born but growing in product applications!

The best part of the entire week?  Meeting my “new best friend, Cheryl!”.  I met Cheryl on Sunday when I showed up at the Focused Sales Booth to set up my booth.  My trepidation (earlier post) was still with me as I began to unpack my boxes and set up the card racks.  I kept telling myself that all would be well…I hadn’t missed any product…etc… And then I realized that this bubbly character to the left of me was happily setting up her product, (Gently Spoken, the name of her company…check it out: http://gentlyspoken.com) not seeming to worry a whit about things.  I was amazed at how long I was in overwhelm that day.  It took hanging with Cheryl to help me see that all was good just as it was…we laughed as we left the World Market Center for our hotel, the Monte Carlo.  Not wanting to wait for the shuttle, we hitched a ride with 2 guys in a taxi.  So with the 4 of us the $26.00 taxi ride was very affordable!  Not to mention fun as we chatted it up with the 2 guys from Canada.  From there we went to dinner and discovered that we had a lot in common, including husbands with the name of Mark.  Our friendship cemented, we had booths adjacent to each other and spent the greater part of the week hanging out with each other during the days and nights!  Blessings Blessings!

There were a number of other good things that happened at the show:  A brief summary:

1. Reconnecting with a few stores that ordered from me way back in LA when I was first showcasing my line.  It was fun to get reorders from these stores not to mention reconnect with the owners!

2.  Being able to spend time with the Focused Sales reps.  I think they feel more confident about selling my line and I feel great knowing they have now heard “my story” and can sell it that

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