what does it say on your business card?

When in Portland for the Nursery Trade show in August, I had a chance to get a “reading” from my very favorite astrologer/tarot reader Lucy Pond.  Lucy has been instrumental in helping me “see” things for a number of years.  She also used to live in Seattle and we’d meet at her office in her home twice a year or so.  Since moving to SF, I’ve had a few phone sessions with her but was thrilled to realize I could again work with her in person since she and her husband relocated to Portland a few years ago as well.

During our time together, she encouraged me to continue to see myself differently.  It’s obvious that I’ve made the change, in my mind, from that of Corporate Sales Queen and Single Mom to Artist/Entrepreneur (it only took a few painful years!) but she encouraged me to stretch even farther.  She’s been telling me for awhile that I’m a “Teacher”.  I thought I was a teacher as a Weight Watcher Leader (a role I just gave up because I realized I no longer had time for it and wanted to put ALL my energy into Words and Watercolors and teaching others through workshops).  She said “You’re an Inspirational Speaker!”.  I’m beginning to get that.  Even during my Sales career, I loved to inspire others to do what they wanted….now it’s my time to do that for me.  Lucy’s suggestion of putting whatever I want on my business card will help me claim it as so has made me consider what I’d say on my business card.

My stack of cards is getting low.  It’s about time for a reprint and I think I WILL put a title on my card (in addition to adding the fax number which was left off inadvertently the last time).  I’ve been mulling over Artist/Entrepreneur/Inspirational Speaker/Workshop Leader.  Probably too long but maybe not?  Most people wouldn’t read it all anyhow or if they did it would be cause for conversation!  Since June I have done 2 workshops titled “Moving through Transition with Creativity”, obviously with my own experience charting the course.  I’ve also done 2 drawing/painting workshops at Flora Grubb Nursery and Alden Lane Nursery with another scheduled at Prospector Nursery in November.  I want to do more of these things because as Lucy also stated and I know, “people like you and they want to be around you” in addition to the “I need the world”.  I can only take so many days of working on my own before I need to socially connect with others…I do, in fact, need the world!

So what does your business card say about you?  Would you change it next time you reprint to more accurately state who you are becoming?!?  Some thoughts to consider!  And BTW, if you want Lucy’s contact info let me know.  I highly recommend her for her clarity and ability to get to the heart of a matter!!

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