winging way west

I’m on a plane winging my way westbound back to San Francisco after spending a busy few days in (cold and windy) Indiana.  Mom celebrated her 95th birthday surrounded by her extended family on Saturday night.  It was lots of fun to reconnect with siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.  Yesterday, as my daughter and I visited Mom, I heard part of the secret, I believe, to my Mom’s overall good health and outlook towards life.  She was talking to Emily and her conversation went along the lines of “Oh they are just wonderful, really they are”…then “Oh it was just wonderful, really it was” and ”Oh, she is just wonderful, really she is”.  It is no wonder that my Mom always sees the best in people and things the way she does.  She’s a living example of how a positive attitude filled with gratitude can bring untold gifts, magic and miracles into one’s life.  So much of who I am and what I believe was taught to me by my Mom, I am forever indebted. 

So I returned from Vegas with a week to catch up, get orders out and prepare to be gone again for 5 days.  Winging my way home tonight and am looking forward to 3 days to catch up and prepare for the San Francisco Gift Show which starts on Saturday.  Thank God I don’t have to travel for this one and can return to the comfort of my husband and home each night!

Big news this past week: Words and Watercolors is getting reps in both the East Coast and the Midwest!!  This IS going to be my break out year!  I’m going to make a name for myself and become a viable contender in the greeting card/gift world!! 

Just today an order was emailed to me from a store in Oregon that saw me at the Vegas Gift Show and took my catalog.  They didn’t order from me at the show but did now.  I’m thrilled!  It is critical to get those follow up orders after a show and this one came unsolicited!!

So, like my Mom, I’ll continue to see the best in all I meet and all I experience…trusting that it will lead me to happiness and health and wealth!


She’s one strong, Irish, Catholic!!


In deep conversation…what’s it like to be 95 Kay?? Asks Aunt Mary….



I love this picture. My niece Melissa made a shutterfly book of my Mom’s life…this was when she worked for American Airlines as a reservationist (and how she met our Dad)!

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