workshop, new product ideas and computer challenges

It was a busy week starting with a Watercolor Workshop I did at Prospector’s Nursery last week (September 8th).  I had SO much fun as did the 25 women who signed up, many who hadn’t “played” with watercolors ever nor let their inner artist out since 3rd grade!!   I began by asking everyone to introduce themselves and state if they had experience with watercolors or not.  We had quite the range from beginners to seasoned watercolor participants.  I told a bit about my own journey and showed some basic techniques then encouraged everyone to “play”!  As I walked around to each person, answering questions and providing encouragement, I kept thinking how much I’d like to teach on a more regular basis.  We did a “show and tell” the last 20 minutes or so and everyone took a turn holding up their painting and talking about what they learned or enjoyed about the process.  I absolutely love inspiring others.  It was so gratifying to hear the positive comments about the workshop in addition to pledges to keep “playing”.

Sarah and I met one day to iron out new product introductions for January.  I had dropped off a number of originals to be scanned.  From those scans we will creating new cards plus considering new product…wrapping paper?  journal like notebooks?  gift tags?  No decisions but exploration begun…and we had fun doing so!

My computer offered up some challenges but thankfully, after dropping it off with the “angels” at Lazarus, who fixed it last spring,  it’s all backed up…and up and running.

I’ll post some pics of the workshop….thoroughly enjoyable…who knows what teaching is in my future?



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