World Series!!

It’s emotional, for me at least, as I read the SF Chronicle the past 2 mornings my eyes almost brim with tears.  There is SO much emotions in the stories…from the fans, the history of baseball in the city, the past championships, the reminder of Buster Posey proclaiming 2 years ago at the World Series Rally/Parade that we just have to get back to work.  I’ve read nearly every article related to the Giants Pennant Win, the upcoming World Series start and everything in between..the MLB gala at the Fairmont last night, the story of Bochy as best manager ever in SF, the differences between the 2 cities, San Francisco and Detroit…even Mitch Albom from the Detroit paper’s recollection of his coverage of the 1989 World Series that became coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake.  Then there is the players themselves and as they tell their own story of how this team developed the incredible chemistry that allowed for this opportunity.  You can’t buy chemistry (ala NYC and Dodgers), it’s organic…

I read all this and ask myself how I can channel these emotions, the incredible belief in winning against all odds, and bottle them into success for my own Words and Watercolors endeavors?  I guess I can learn from watching Zito endure the years of challenges he had and yet maintaining a strong work ethic and positive framework, he gets to pitch game 1 of the World Series…2 years ago he didn’t even make the roster.  I’ll continue to watch with awe over the next week and hope that the 2012 Giants can once again create Magic!  That’s what it is all about!  It’s Magic….and believing in it…and watching it…and when the opportunities come…saying YES!  I can see how a city can get so energized over sports.

I continue to work on being OPEN to the ALL the possibilities that come my way…and even create some for myself as I go along!


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