wow…a year!

It was a year ago on the Friday before Memorial Day that I picked up the proofs from my “new” card line.  I was sooooo excited and couldn’t wait to show off my cards/get feedback.  My cousin Kathy and her husband Rob were flying in from Seattle that afternoon to play with us for the weekend and I’ve got photos that show Kathy holding up my cards after dinner (and a glass or two of champagne, courtesy of Susan, Mark’s sister)!  I was so “pea-picken proud” of myself, as one of my favorite Indiana sayings goes….

Well here it is a year later.  Kathy and Rob are due in any minute again for a fun filled Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco.  While I’m waiting for Kathy’s phone call, thought I’d post a quick note.  I’ve got cards at the printer again today!  It’s reprints but I can’t even tell you how many runs of reprints I’ve had over the last year.  My orders are becoming bigger and more frequently as I’ve added reps in Southern California to service the Armstrong Garden Center account.  Hoping those 4 test stores evolve into all their stores soon!!

In addition to the cards, expanding into jewelry and working with the DODOcase guys for my art on the inside of their Ipad case.  More to come on that one soon but re: the jewelry, thought I’d post the pic I took at the Pop Up shop last week.  I forgot to add it.


Kathy called…off to SFO!!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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