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Wrapping Paper!!

I am so excited to be introducing yet another product in the Words and Watercolor line up…..(drum roll)….wrapping paper!!  And not just any wrapping paper but wrapping paper that could also be a poster!!  I’ve been looking at wrapping paper for a long time.  Initially thought of doing this in the typical fashion, small images as repeats thrown about a page but after a conversation with Sarah (my graphic designer extraordinaire, as I always refer to her) and looking at them on her computer as we played around with the idea, I started to think it could be fun to have the full image.  Last year I had the purple petunias as a poster (how’s that for alliteration) in my booth at gift shows.  I always got compliments and many people asked for it as a poster.  So now they’ll have 6 designs to choose from, all taken from the Anytime line of cards.

Not only will the front be pretty but the back practical!  We created a 1″ grid on the back that will allow for straight on cutting plus the horizontal lines are alternating with “words and watercolor….around the world…enriching and inspiring…words and watercolors… ” with the next line “…repeating” .  The vertical line is comprised of tiny dots, all in a 30% grey (subtle).

They’ll be sold wholesale in packs of 25 sheets with 1.75 per sheet cost.  Finished size is 19×27.  Can’t wait to get feedback from the Vegas Gift show I’ll be attending the end of January.

I’m so excited that I wanted to share photos in addition to the explanation!  These pics I took when signing the proofs at my printers today.

Petunias Nasturtium Hibiscus Blueberry Bush McLaren Park Sunflower Bouquet

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